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    Box Tips:
  • Buy some sturdy boxes as old boxes can weaken over time which could mean your goods are not always well protected
  • When you do buy your boxes, try and make sure that they are all the same or similar sizes – this will really help when you are stacking your boxes in storage and make them more secure
  • When packing your boxes – try and fill them to capacity but don’t make them too heavy. There is nothing worse than a box full of books that is simply too heavy to lift! Furthermore, if boxes are only partially filled, they are more likely to topple over
  • When labelling your boxes, it is worth writing on more than one side –this makes it far more easy to see where everything needs to go when you do move. If anything is fragile – it is always worth letting everyone know by writing it where possible on any relevant boxes
  • Seal all your boxes as this will help keep the dust at bay

    Other tips include things like: pack your books flat so as not to damage the spines, place smaller items towards the top to help fill space and always wrap knifes and sharp objects in bags or tea towels
    Kitchen Tips:
  • Make sure everything is dry before you store it – wet goods in storage can damage your possessions and can cause bad odours
  • When packing really fragile belongings such as glasses and cups, place them in separate boxes to heavier items such as saucepans and baking trays. It is also a good idea to make sure fragile goods are packed tightly into strong boxes and that any gaps are filled with smaller glasses or even paper to stop things from moving around in the boxes (which could cause breakages)
  • Always drain your dishwasher and washing machines before putting them into storage and tie down the hoses
  • If you are planning on putting your vacuum cleaner into storage, remove any bags and throw them away beforehand

    Living Room Tips:
  • Wrap pictures and mirrors in bubble wrap and stack them on their ends – this will make sure that they are all compactly packed and will minimise the risk of damage during any move. If you are planning on storing any lose photographs, try and place them between some clean cardboard to prevent the pictures from being bent
  • Dismantle any tables that you can as this will help to save space when in storage
  • Try and wrap and/or cover any table tops and clearly mark them if you can. Before putting them into storage, spray them with a good quality furniture polish, just to give everything more protection
  • If you have chest of drawers or dressers, why not use the drawers as storage? It may help to create a bit more space in storage and/or during a move
  • Try and put televisions and stereos (and any other electrical equipment) into its original boxes. If you haven’t got these anymore use newspaper to fill any gaps
  • Treat leather items before you put them into storage
  • Chairs can be stacked on a seat to seat basis as this will help to create and save space; however it is worthwhile protecting any chair legs by wrapping them (where possible)

    Bedroom Tips:
  • Dismantle as much of the big furniture as you can, such as beds and any bedside tables and cabinets
  • If these are going into storage, try and store these vertically. It is also a good idea to either tape relevant screws and alan keys to the right pieces of furniture or to put them in a plastic bag (clearly marked)
  • Use existing drawers and wardrobes as additional storage when moving or going into storage

    Tool Tips:
  • Do not store any brushes resting on their bristles
  • Tie tools and any long handled items in bundles

    Storage Tips:
  • Place your heavy items towards the back
  • Try and keep an aisle to give you access to your goods whilst in storage
  • If you know you will need certain items on a more frequent basis, try and store these toward the front of your storage unit
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