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Self Storage FAQ's

What is Self Storage?

Self storage provides an easy and flexible storage solution which can be tailored towards your requirements. Self storage facilities can be rented for as long as you require, making it the ideal solution for any temporary storage problems. You only pay for the amount of storage space and the length of time that you require; minimising the risk associated with a lease or long term rental agreement.

Will my possessions be safe?

Many self storage facilities are protected by CCTV and police monitored security systems and, generally, only you will have access to your self storage unit.

Are my possessions covered by insurance?

This depends on the provider although many self storage facilities will require you to take out third party self storage insurance. For further details of self storage insurance, please visit

Do you have any advice on packing my items?

For details of packing your items for self storage, please visit our hints and tips page

What is the minimum self storage rental term?

This will vary depending on your provider although many tend to implement a minimum rental period of two weeks.

Are there any items that can’t be stored in my self storage unit?

Again, this will vary depending on the provider and location. However, it is standard practice for perishable, inflammable and illegal items to be prohibited from storing in your self storage unit.

Who needs self storage?

Self storage facilities can be used by both domestic and commercial customers and provide a range of benefits including:

· Free up valuable space in your home
· Bridge the gap between moving home
· Small scale document archiving facility
· Stock storage
· Store possessions if you are going abroad
· Storing bulky items such as skis and canoes
· Storing office equipment during a move
· Small scale distribution facility

Can I access my goods at any time?

In general you should be able to access your storage facility at any time during your providers opening hours. In addition, some self storage facilities provide access during out of hours.
How do I find a self storage facility in my area?

Visit for comprehensive details of all self storage facilities and units in the UK.

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